Light & Dark

Hello again. Tonight I’m writing to you from the North East corners of Bali. Pandangbai no less. You know it? Hopefully not, you might in due course. Initial thoughts, best seen from a distance. The good news, I’m lounging comfortably in a night bed (it is around 10pm) staring at the far off lights of what I’m fairly confident is Lombok and the Gili’s and the port side town itself a couple of hundred meters below me. There are lightening flashes every thirty seconds, though no rain, it’s at least 25 degs. The call to prayer sounds about every hour over speakers I think were brought in directly from my high school ball. There’s no chorus, so I find myself unable to join in. That’s ok. I can also hear Johnny Be Good which I do know.

For all the lightness that I may or may not have conveyed to date there’s a few dark patches. The dogs over here a forlorn. It’s a problem, as I understand it. They’re pretty much at the bottom tier of the social hierarchy which means there’s little love for them. They wander, scavenge and dare I say it rip one another apart. Ugly. Couple that with a cock fight I managed to sneak into the other night. Locals c200, Palangi’s: 1. They keep their best cocks in baskets on the side of the road. They attach blades to their strongest foot, goad one another and scream for money before they’re released into the pit. One of them dies, they’ll be cheered and cash collected, all in about 2 mins. It’s part of life, pre ceremony so a given.

Anybody had a colonic? The ladies will know what I’m talking about. A friend of a friend mentioned he was a regular. Not one to shy away from a new experience I tried it out. Can’t say I’ll rush back. Though for 45 minutes I did my best as always to talk myself through it as all my dietary mistakes floated idly by in front of me. At least until I was sent to the toilet for something that just wouldn’t quite get through. Did I feel lighter? Yes. Darker? Possibly.

We made it to the North east coast of Amed. Had some killer dives, turtles, sharks, and fire coral. The last of which while a gentle touch is now flying it’s own flag as a 100 blisters spread across what use to look like my left leg. Still loving it. Singapore in 2 days, Vietnam in 8.

Pictures as previously promised, still yet to come courtesy of software I still need to download. Till then.





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