I Think The Gods Love Me

Hello there. This comes to you live from a corner desk in our villa. It’s late at night and once again yours truly is putting finger to digital screen in the dark of night, aided only by fairy lights, vodka and cigars, the latter from a local coffee plantation. I can hear the river below me. What can I say about Ubud. A bit of a nexus for experience it’s got to be said. In the last few weeks we have bathed with elephants, drowned our collective sins (mostly mine) in holy baths; learned to cook with raw foods (more on this from Lou Nash I’m sure); trekked through the hallowed temples of Gunung Kawi; rafted the Agung River; cycled the downhill run of Mt Batur; taken in the Legong dance of the talented locals at Ubud Palace; photographed the painted breasts of Atonio Blanco (the eyes are actually better- did I say that?) and absorbed the local writers festival.

I have been assured there will be return trips. Quite possibly… no let’s be honest, without me. Girls, gear up. Lou will drag quite a few of you back here. My daughters are loving it. Coco Lily has come to the conclusion that she thinks the gods love her. Why wouldn’t they? Zami’s just finished a week with a local school that ended in a play. She played a monkey, a cheeky one. I had the pleasure (lets dial this down) of having two girls massage me at a local parlour, all above board I assure you!

There’s container of stuff with our name on it heading back to NZ. Confirmation of our impending arrival! Lots to see in between. A big shout out to Lou and Scotty for making the journey from the shackles of Seminyak. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few months. Singapore, Vietnam and more Bali in between.

Pictures as always to come.



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