Welcome to island life


I have officially slipped into bali life. We have left the mainland, rented a beach hut, had the children on scooters without helmets, and are drinking red wine from an empty plastic water bottle.

Can’t complain.

We are day one on Nusa Lembongan, about an hour by fast boat off the south/ east coast.

Thanks to all for the recommendations.

The stairs of our hut, start in the sand and end on our balcony with waves crashing in front. Bloody marvellous.

Its late, but not really. As full time careers, the kids have ruined us by 8pm. So it’s actually only 9pm, Scotty has crashed with cocolily and Zambezi in our one room hut and I am out on the deck doing well, you know.

We did more touristy stuff today, but really we are tourists, so why not revel in it. Besides, tourists get clean toilets and cups of tea.

Our boat transfer today to the island included a live band, deep-blue circular vegas style seating and the most hilarious safety demonstration ever seen. Whoever thought to actually show what it would look like if you fell over board, with your life jacket on, trying to swim, waving your hands, shouting loudly for someone to hear, all on board of course for us to take notes, should it happen to us. You should have seen the faces. Of the tourists that is. The Balinese thought it was hilarious.

Post show, our boat took us to a massive pontoon offshore before we checked into our beach hut for a few hours of play. I am sure these pontoons must exist outside of bali but I’ve never seen one before. As we all scrambled on board, there was a mass rush for the lockers in the centre, a dash into the changing rooms, then the choices were: get wet and see fish, with snorkelling at one end, get wet with a thrill with a giant hydro slide into the ocean 6 feet up, stay dry and see fish inside the submarine that did a round the clock 20min tour, or for the easy option, stay dry and walk down the stairs to see the glass bottom of the pontoon and sit amongst the fish. Unbelievable but true. Oh and there was Bintang if that’s all you wanted.

Of course none of that mad dashing around was particularly easy for us with an over tired 3 year old demanding to go on the water slide by herself. Bless.
So, we avoided the wet options for the kids, Scotty went snorkelling and I did the submarine tour with them. It was awesome. Snorkelling to come later on the island.

We planed to stay here for 4 nights before Ubud on October 5th, but I am not sure if we are moving for awhile. I’ve always liked the feeling of sand between my toes.

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