We made it out of the resort, well nearly!


I dont think you can flick a switch and suddenly you are instantly on holiday. Maybe in location but not in body and mind.

Until my first balinese massage, my body ached with every bit of cleaning, painting, lifting, packing and bending over I did to get the house sold and everything packed before we left. My eyes are starting also to recover from the 4am wake ups, when I remembered we hadn’t done something ‘on the list’. 

For the girls, they are still talking  about their friends, their toys being packed away, and going home to NZ. For them, this is all about swimming in the pools, for hours on end. The real adventure has not hit them yet.

Zambezi has also been horrendously sick, now on antibiotics so I am pleased we have had this time to adjust.  Even though we are having dinner at 630pm, the girls are asleep in our arms before the mains arrived. Out to it. 

I was feeling a little resort crazy, so we decided to spend our last night, down at Jimbaran Bay for dinner amongst the other tourists seeking a Balinese experience. Touristy yes, but still such a unique experience of thousands of tables set up to eat seafood killed and cooked in front of you, along with a few bottles of Bintang and Fanta. 

The girls had wide eyes in the taxi there, taking it all in. The traffic, the motorbikes, the smells as soon as we arrived the sun was setting and the tide was turning. 

They even made it through dinner without failing asleep. 





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