So here we are. A first blog from me and a last night in Sydney after the best part of 5 years. What to say? It’s just after 8 and I’m looking at the best view I’ve seen since we graced Sydney’s, its got to be said, glamorous shores. We’re hiding out post Eating In on the 17th floor of the Quay West Suites in the Rocks. Opera House on my right, bridge in the middle and Luna Park tucked gently to the left almost underneath the bridge. It’s frosted white lights on display. Enough of the view. What? How? Why? Have we even got here.

In this order: transfer through work, transfer of work, transfer from work. There have been some nice people. And there haven’t. What country doesn’t have its own blend. I’m sold on the Eastern Suburbs. Kiwi cliche they say, though I think we know what’s good. The waters’ clean, the weathers better than ours and no one in New Zealand has thought to put in a sea pool. I think it’s because we’re too environmentally friendly. It would never get through. Well in my opinion we’re missing a trick. The closest we have in Auckland are the Parnell Baths and they’re much loved.

So. Why move back? Simply put, I miss it. I miss you. The larger network of permanence. The family and friends. The Eastern Subs are a bubble and a fabulous one that any person of sound mind would only be too happy to wrap themselves in. Thing for me is that it’s always been temporary. I’ve lacked a center. Lots of great friends over here, though the majority it’s got to be said also seem to be in transit. And I’ve loved it. My surfings still weak, though the girls a strong. Time for a new adventure. Bali tomorrow, NZ early next year. I’m excited. See you all soon. I’ve gone over 300 words though will do my best to stay under, I promise, photo on its way.

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