Kindy kids saying goodbye to zami

The girlfriends


Farewell cake for cocolily

Peter and  Tinkerbell @ zamis bday


Saying goodbye to bronte


They say you never know what you’ve lost until its gone. Well thankfully I got to experience the best of my world in Bronte, Sydney, New South Wales 2024, before I said goodbye to it.


I knew I was missing out on what Bronte had to offer, working huge hours, only squeezing in a swim a week, a morning coffee on Saturdays at the local cafe and the occasional wave to the neighbour when I brought the bins in. Probably sounds pretty good to most. But I was struggling massively, juggling the roles of wife, mother, daughter, strategy director, school mum, neighbour. Every night, when I arrived home I was miserable and I couldn’t seem to shake it.


So, with my dear Scotty, we made some changes and we are about to embark on the journey that has come about from those changes.


My last month in bronte, fortune would have neither of us working. Not one hour.


I swam everyday in water as low as 16 degrees (positively freezing in Sydney!)


I dropped off and picked up the kids from school practically everyday.


I got to know everyone in my life a lot more. Which meant when I said goodbye, I have never felt more connected to a community in my life. Which says a lot because its not where I call home.


I also sold our home in four days to pay for our five month holiday we are about to embark on.


I fell in love with spin class again.


I bought pink lilies every week and when I didn’t, Scotty did.


I hung around at the school gate, enjoying the smiles and chit chats with the other parents as well the super cute faces of the kindy kids as their teachers brought them to us at the end of the day.


I took a surf lesson on bondi beach and utterly humiliated myself in front of four 20 something french boys, thinking I would get up on the first go.


My girls started crawling all over me, holding my hands, cuddles, snuggles and kisses everyday before the normal 7pm arrival home.


I liked everyone a lot more, the only change being more time to get to know them better.


But now we are off.


Farewell bronte, stay in touch because we might not see you for awhile.















Cocolily and her Bestie

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